BoD - Books on Demand

  • Book printing from just one copy
  • Professional support for authors and publishers
  • Sustainability by principle

About us

The Libri Group developed the ground-breaking concept behind BoD in 1997: book publishing utilising print-on-demand technology with no minimum order and distribution across the entire book trade. Today, BoD is a European pioneer and leading specialist in the field of digital book publication and self-publishing. Doing business in nine countries, we have expanded the freedom to publish for authors and publishers with the production and worldwide distribution of books – with print-on-demand from just one copy as well as e-books. The result is a whole new dimension in the variety of titles available to readers in the book market.

At BoD, authors can self-publish across the entire book trade, whilst retaining complete freedom of content, design and pricing of their works. To meet individual requirements, BoD provides professional assistance and accompanies authors through all phases of publishing, from the initial idea to realisation and right up to marketing the final product.

BoD gives publishers the opportunity to publish their books free of risk and make them available at any time through digital printing with no minimum order. This way, with print-on-demand, newly released books can prove themselves in the book market and out-of-print titles can again be made available to readers.

BoD is active in many countries